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Advantages and disadvantages of wood edge banding and its application
- Jan 15, 2018 -

The commonly used edge banding is divided into wooden edge strips, PVC edge banding, ABS edge strips, melamine banding. One of the wooden edge of the selection of the best natural birch, oak, maple, beech, cherry wood and other wood, machine-cut wood cutting edge strips, used in wood furniture. Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wood edge banding and application areas.

Advantages of wood edge banding:

1, wood grain natural, soft, invariance, paste adhesion strong characteristics.

2, wood sealing edge and furniture plate bonding after the adsorption, especially with wood plate bonding seamless.

3, wooden edge and non-woven fabric close, not raising, flexibility, high elasticity, wear-resistant, moderate gloss, surface sanding, flat, smooth, convenient for customers to use.

The edge of wood banding:

1, the operation of the edge of the seal because it is easy to break, so the general control of water content in the 8%~12%, the curve is closed when the need to control between 15%-20% to increase the flexibility of the edge banding.

2, the workpiece after sealing also need to be polished coating paint and other processes.

3, wood sealing edge is mainly applicable to solid wood furniture plate Bing paste and decoration, the operation can only be done by hand-paste method.

4, because the wood is hygroscopic material, its moisture content will be affected by the external temperature and humidity changes, therefore, choose what kind of adhesive should be based on seasonal changes and moisture diffusion and infiltration requirements.

The application field of wood-skin edge banding:

1, the use of windows and doors, with coated veneer affixed to the density board on the production of door sets, window sets, that is, the beauty of solid wood, but also reduce the waste of solid wood, save costs;

2, wood lines and the use of the foot line, with the wood-coated wooden lines, kick line, successfully resolved in the decoration of the furniture, wooden doors, wooden veneer, the supporting interface of the problem.

3, in the area of furniture and other areas of application, so that plate furniture edge and surface of the perfect combination, more natural;

4, in the wooden handrails, frame jewelry and other fields of application, both practical, more rich artistic beauty.

Therefore, a variety of edge banding have advantages, the application area is slightly different. Wood Edge Bar with natural wood grain, decorative strong, not only to achieve the effect of sealing edge can reflect the life details of the United States.