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Band-aid for furniture cross-section wounds, PVC edge banding
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Edge sealing is a commonly used method of processing the edges of modern furniture parts. The PVC edge banding is a material that protects the cross section of the furniture sheet, which can make the furniture more beautiful and colorful.


1. The most important thing when pvc edge banding is edged is that the edge of the plate should be straight, and the pressure should be tight. Otherwise, it is easy to produce the gap between the edge band and the edge of the board. When hand sealing, special glue for manual edge sealing should be used. Do not use the universal glue, otherwise it will fall off easily when it is hot. Tips should not be applied to the wrong steps.

2, pvc edge banding also has a main function is to solidify the section of the sheet, to prevent formaldehyde leakage in the middle colloid of the sheet and formaldehyde volatilization inside the sheet, so as not to cause harm to the human body.

The application of pvc edge banding, especially in the sheet metal, is indispensable in our life. If it is good at observation, the pvc edge banding can have other useful and useful uses.