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Brief analysis on the technical characteristics of straight edge sealing and curve sealing of plate furniture
- Jan 15, 2018 -

According to the shape characteristics of the edges of the machined parts, the sealing edge of the plate furniture can be divided into straight edge and curved edge. With the increasing promotion of plate furniture, in the maintenance of direct sealing production at the same time, need to add some curved parts to beautify the product modeling to improve the value of the entire workpiece. But the curve edge processing speed is slow, while increasing the beauty of modelling also limits the speed of production.

At present, the edge of plate furniture is mostly in the edge-banding machine. The selection of the edge-banding machine depends mainly on the shape characteristics of the workpiece to be processed, the type of edge-banding material, and the productivity and quality. Edge-banding machine according to the degree of automation can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, straight edge can be used in line sealing machine, but also the use of soft forming edge-banding machine, after forming edge machine, double end edge banding machine. Relatively speaking, curve edge processing is more complex, you can use manual edge banding machine, machining center, semi-automatic or automatic CNC edge banding machine.

Straight edge is often used in office furniture and cabinets, such as simple modelling products, configuration mainly consider the output and some of the functions of the increase or decrease, such as PVC or ABS and other sealing materials need to add a scraper device; for solid wood edge banding, you need to increase the precision knife and sanding device, in order to ensure that the quality of the edge is not affected by the low temperature in winter, It is best to choose the edge-banding machine with far infrared preheating device.

Curve edge can be processed in several ways. At present, most manufacturers use manual edge-banding machine to process curved edge parts, especially the plate parts with inner arc, and the diameter of the edge-banding machine will determine the maximum curve depth that can be machined. The use of manual edge-banding machine seal curved edge has the characteristics of simple operation and less investment. However, due to the use of manual sealing edge, the quality is relatively low, mainly in the bonding strength is lower, repetition accuracy is poor, rework rate is high. At the same time, Manual edge banding Machine for the commonly used thick edge banding (1.0-3.0mm) edge is relatively difficult, and for some invisible parts used in thin edge (0.4-1.0mm) can be straight, curved processing.

As can be seen from the above analysis, line sealing edge and curve edge technology are different, the use of edge-banding equipment is not the same, it is recommended that manufacturers in the acquisition and use of edge machine to pay attention to product output and market demand for adaptability, so as to select different levels of automation equipment and combinations.