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Common types of Cabinet edge banding and their bonding skills
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Edge banding as a derivative of the furniture is currently widely used in furniture manufacturing, it not only plays a role in protecting the contours of the furniture, but also has decorative, beautify the furniture effect. In daily life, we see a variety of cabinet styles, and different styles of cabinets with different materials to protect the edge of the edges and beautify the role. Several common cabinet edge strips have wood, melamine, and PVC material, different types of edge banding have their specific role and adhesion skills.

Wood Edge
Wood sealing edge is mainly applicable to the decorative solid wood cabinet outline of the paste and decoration, the operation can only be done by hand-paste method. When pasting the edge of wood, the side profile of the plate should be kept flat, and the water soluble adhesive or strong gluing agent should be used. Only the choice of the type of glue mixture can make the sealing edge and cabinet plate through the infiltration of wood fiber to make the glue mixture form a good fixed role. In addition, because the wood is hygroscopic material, its moisture content will be affected by the external temperature and humidity changes, therefore, choose which kind of adhesive should be based on seasonal changes and moisture diffusion and infiltration requirements. Finally, the wood-edge decorative furniture must be painted on the surface of the brush treatment for protection.

Ii. Melamine Edge Banding
Melamine Edge Bar on the edge of the fire board to use the best results, but also occasionally used in the cabinet back to. Melamine edge of the use of pure manual or mechanical sealing edge, and the hot melts, adhesive and other adhesive requirements are not high. In the bonding process, the use of hot melt adhesive for the glue, the temperature should be controlled in 120℃~160℃, indoor paste when the ambient temperature of 15 ℃. Melamine Sealing Edge Bar paste to reduce the amount of glue coating, generally controlled in the range of 6-8g per meter. Mechanical sealing edge, glue coating more evenly, the operation speed of the glue is controlled in 30~50 meters/min. Melamine sealing edge of the operating speed is a variety of sealing edge of the fastest, so as to ensure the quality of bonding, but also to improve work efficiency.

PVC Edge Banding
PVC edge of the application range and the melamine edge of the basic similar, mainly applicable to micro-board, density board, blockboard, plywood cabinets edge profiles, solid wood cabinet edge can also be used to adopt manual bonding or mechanical pasting way, through physical gravity, The role of chemical bond and so on the PVC edge banding firmly adhered to the board surface. PVC Edge Adhesive general use of glue and hot melt glue or white latex, hot melt adhesive curing time is generally 30 minutes, but the choice of low-temperature adhesive or high-temperature adhesive to be based on the thickness of the edge bar. In the adhesive process of PVC edge banding, the flatness of the substrate Bing is very high, the general tolerance must not be greater than 0.1mm, and the temperature and ambient temperature of the sheet should be 18 ℃.

So different materials, brand cabinets will be applied to different types of edge banding and adhesion techniques, the use of crude equipment or even hand-edge sealing, the effect of the edge is not beautiful, but also in the use of a period of time, the edge of the strip will be deformed, resulting in the deformation of the door.