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Furniture Edge Banding is the guarantee of health and safety
- Jan 15, 2018 -

We know that the edge of the furniture can be sealed to the section of the plate, in order to avoid the environment and the use of adverse factors in the damage to the plate, play a role in protecting and beautifying the furniture. Perhaps most people do not know, in addition to the above role, furniture banding can also prevent the formaldehyde in the plate inside the volatile, to our daily life is facing the health and safety problems play an important protective role. As we all know, the house is decorated with formaldehyde into the security number one threat. Formaldehyde is irritating, can make people feel unwell, can cause throat discomfort, chest tightness, asthma and dermatitis. High formaldehyde is likely to lead to acute poisoning, must be sent to hospital treatment. But chronic formaldehyde poisoning relatively hidden difficult to find, occasional headache, fatigue, always like to doze off. Although not as acute poisoning as prominent and rapid, but long-term exposure can also lead to respiratory function and liver function of great damage. High-quality furniture edge banding, whether it is ABS edge or PVC edge banding, have excellent safety protection function, it can not only provide and furniture texture color seamless aesthetic decorative effect, but also to prevent the internal formaldehyde volatile plate. In addition to the prevention of chronic toxicity of formaldehyde, edge banding for home health and safety is also reflected in the product is very good corrosion protection. As we all know, ABS plastic materials with toughness, hard, rigid phase equilibrium of excellent mechanical properties, is currently the most widely used polymers, not only in the gloss, electrical properties, molding and impact-resistant performance outstanding, at the same time in oil resistance, chemical resistance is very excellent. Therefore, ASB edge banding, whether it is U-shaped or T-bar, have relatively excellent corrosion resistance. Occasional coffee dumping, sudden alcohol spilled, a careless soy poured up, do not worry, banding can ensure that the surface of the object does not leave any traces. Children in the family, can not avoid children, disorderly jumping, sometimes accidentally hit a fault or windows and doors on the delicate skin damage. With the furniture edge, can well seal the fault section of the furniture, protect the children's skin, to ensure the health and safety of the family.