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Furniture U-Bar Installation Tips
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Furniture U-shaped strip, is a cross section of the U-shaped furniture edge strips. Furniture U-section of the two sides of the vertical corner of the edge of the arc angle or oblique angle, so can protect the corner of the furniture, not to wear or damage to people. The furniture U-shaped strip has certain skills in the installation process due to its special contour styling.

The use of furniture U-shaped strips can make the cabinet board three faces are protected, even if the open material has an uneven phenomenon, will not affect the quality of closed. Furniture U-shaped bar open with three internal contact surface, can effectively wrap the cabinet board openings. At the time of installation, the three inner contact surface and the end face of the cabinet plate openings and two surfaces are folded together, then the quick-drying adhesive is bonded.

The specific actions are as follows:
First of all, in the cupboard on the back panel or side panel using hand tools to cut out the corresponding shape openings. At the installation site will be the U-shaped furniture at one end of the U-type open side of the cabinet or plate of any end of the position, using the fast-drying adhesive will be the end of the edge of the bar and cabinet plate openings of the end of the surface and the bald spot on the inside and outside of the Then the edge of the bar along the end of the opening of the whole way, until the edge of the end of the full cover of the cabinet plate openings. Finally, in the furniture U-shaped ends of the end of the stick, using a cutting knife to cut off the extra parts of the edge, so that the edge of the bar on both ends of the alignment.

Furniture U-shaped strip can meet the irregular requirements of the Board, can closely close the irregular edge of the cupboard, play a strict moisture-proof, anti-formaldehyde distribution role. The use of furniture U-shaped strips can be adhere wrapped in the opening of the cabinet, and can improve the appearance of smoothness, its simple and fast operation, can adapt to a variety of harsh installation conditions.