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How to identify inferior PVC furniture edge Banding
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Edge banding is the section of the furniture plate protection, beautification of the role of materials, now living in the use of more furniture edge strips of the production of material is generally PVC and ABS plastic. PVC Furniture Edge banding with heat-resistant, oil-resistant, the characteristics of high bending, its pattern and color close to the natural wood color logs, you can make a piece of furniture show clear wood grain, colorful overall effect. But there are also sales of many inferior PVC furniture edge bar, so people need to pay special attention when buying. The reasons for the poor quality of PVC edge banding may be related to raw materials, molds, process parameters, environment, equipment, personnel and other factors. Below teach you to identify inferior PVC furniture edge Bar Specific What problems will occur.

1. the size does not match. PVC Furniture Edge Banding in the molding process, can not maintain the original predetermined size accuracy is not known as the size of the discrepancy, are unqualified.
2. color uneven. PVC Furniture Edge Banding surface color is not uniform, there are shades and different hue.
3. the gloss is bad. PVC Furniture Edge Strip surface for the gray matte or uneven gloss.
4. paste spot. Inferior PVC furniture edge strips in the plastic parts of the surface or interior appear many dark black stripes or black spots.
5. Inadequate filling (lack of glue). PVC Edge Banding is not full, there are bubbles, voids, shrinkage and so on, and the standard model does not conform to the lack of glue.
6. warping deformation. Plastic parts in the shape of the mold after stripping or later a period of time to produce rotation and distortion, such as product foot inequality and the original mold design differences called deformation, there are local and overall deformation points.
7. demoulding is bad. Similar to warping deformation, PVC furniture edge strip forming can not be smooth from the mold, there are deformation, pull crack, pull, etc., known as demoulding bad.
8. crack and rupture. Inferior PVC furniture edge strip plastic parts surface will appear gap cracks and the resulting damage phenomenon.
9. not enough strength. Inferior PVC Furniture edge banding strength is lower than expected strength, so that plastic parts can not withstand the intended negative cut
10. bubbles and dark bubbles. PVC Furniture Edge of the interior has pores, bubbles are formed after the formation of small volume or a series of pores of the defects, dark foam is the internal production of plastic vacuum holes.
11. surface mixed etching. PVC Furniture Edge Strip surface shows no light, white, turbid fog-like appearance called mixed Eclipse.
12. White dots. Inferior PVC Furniture Edge Bar will have a white grain point, the particle point is called "Fish Eye", more reflected in transparent products.
Plastic Edge strip molding, and predetermined quality standards (inspection standards) have a certain difference, and can not meet the requirements of the next process, this is the plastic pieces of defects, that is often said quality problems. High-quality furniture edge strips not only cut not white, noodles mellow luster, and color and layout, as if with the plate seamless.