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Main factors leading to aging of PVC edge banding
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The quality problem itself is the first factor to consider when analyzing the aging decomposition of PVC edge banding. In order to save costs, some manufacturers have cut corners in processing and production, and there is a lack of anti-aging ingredients in pvc edge banding. Every step of the PVC edge banding production process is linked to its quality. Printing inks and substrate toners, which have important influences on discoloration and aging, are key factors.

In addition, the main point of attention is the lack of maintenance in the use of PVC edge banding. The operating environment exposed to high light and high temperature is an environment that is easy to age and discolor.

PVC edge banding mainly uses polyvinyl chloride as raw material, and uses some auxiliary materials such as anti-aging agent and plasticizer to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. Therefore, most of the pvc edge banding products have corrosion resistance, bright color, and especially good appearance in the curve edge sealing process. It is a popular type of synthetic material edge banding that is popular among people.

The various auxiliary materials used in the production of PVC edge banding will contain more or less toxic substances. Many producers and users will recognize this in use, and with the continuous improvement of production technology and environment. The awareness of PVC has been increasing, and PVC edge banding has also developed towards environmental sanitation. At the same time, more environmentally-friendly edge bands are also emerging.