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Note on the use of hot melt adhesive for sealing edge
- Jan 15, 2018 -

In panel furniture production process, for the edge of the selection of suitable sealing edge hot melt adhesive, as well as the correct sealing edge operation, not only can improve the overall quality and grade of plate furniture, but also improve production efficiency. So what do we notice when we use hot melts to glue the edge banding?

1, as a result of hot melt adhesive Brand Many models, the production should be strictly in accordance with the temperature requirements of hot melts, the summer use of hot melt adhesive temperature limit, the winter use of hot melt adhesive temperature limit, otherwise the hot melts will be denatured, resulting in sealing. The most ideal use temperature is 190-210 degrees, can also be based on the characteristics of hot melts in the range of 120-210 degrees to use. The higher the temperature, the better the bonding, we recommend the use of High-temperature hot melt adhesive to achieve the most ideal effect.

2, the general use of edge banding is sealed edge machine, automatic linear edge banding machine effect better, followed by manual curve Edge machine. If there is no device, the effect is poor. Edge of the use of the process, if it is a manual edge-sealing machine or semi-automatic edge machine, trimming will have a white phenomenon, because the equipment has no polishing function, is a normal phenomenon.

3, in the process of sealing, if the thickness of the 0.6MM below the edge is weak, tensile, deformation, can not withstand high temperature phenomenon, because of the speed of the sealing edge is too slow, hot melt after the melting of the long stay time caused. At this time can speed up the sealing edge and high-speed conveyor belt speed (reference speed 8m/points above), adjust the amount of gelatinize to improve.

4, if the seal in the process of sealing phenomenon, please check whether the temperature is normal, sealing edge speed is too slow, the use of ambient temperature is below 8 degrees (imported hot melt adhesive can be used at 5 degrees room temperature). If the above are normal, please check the Hot melt adhesive quality, sealing edge of the adhesive quality.

5, the use of the process, if the rubber line is too heavy, or have an overflow rubber wiredrawing phenomenon, please adjust the speed of the edge and hot melt adhesive temperature. If the adjustment does not improve, please replace the appropriate model.

6, sealing the end of 2-3 minutes, waiting for the glue to cool, the detection of bond solid degree. Tear off the edge of the bar, the edge of the bar must be sticky hot melts, particleboard, fibreboard sawdust, sawdust too little or no sawdust, it will not stick, sealing edge unqualified.
 The effect of the sealing hot melt adhesive is affected by the temperature, the treatment of the edge-banding, the material of the base material and the sealing edge, and the related factors of the maintenance of the edge-sealing machine. Therefore, the operators in the process of production operations need to control the processing of various factors.