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PVC edge banding for sealing edge of furniture board
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Using PVC edge banding to seal the furniture is a good way to protect the furniture. Today we will come together to see some tips on his edge.

     In many cases, the home we use is very easy to bump, which will affect the use of furniture and aesthetics. Edge sealing is a good way to protect him, but his edge is still It is difficult to have.

      For the processing on the edge seal, the most difficult thing is only two points, one is cutting, the other is bonding, let's take a look.

Cutting: Be sure to choose the sharpest knife and cut it according to a certain planning line. This will ensure that the cutting is neat and there will be no wrong things. Another trick is to cut a little. This makes it possible to cut the tidy comparison and it is not easy to cut.

      Adhesive: It is best to use a glue of this type in the form of glue. It is most suitable because the glue of the paste is relatively sticky but it is easy to squeeze the glue. It is very unattractive. After bonding, it is best to bake it with fire to speed up the bonding speed. This is a good method.

  The above is the explanation about the technique of PVC edge banding for the edge banding of furniture. I hope to help everyone.