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PVC Edge Bar Purchase Tips
- Jan 15, 2018 -

PVC Edge Banding is based on polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, widely used in people's lives, the section of the furniture plate to protect, decorate, beautify the role. High-quality PVC edge strips with light quality, good quality and low price, will not rot will not rust and other advantages. But the market is a mixed bag, many consumers do not know how to identify its quality, in the purchase of the time to start. Today by Chuanli Plastic for you to introduce some PVC edge bar to buy tips, I hope to help you.
First of all, in the total number of edges, we can first observe, contrasting colors. Generally colorful pvc edge strips, surface finish relatively better, the darker the color, such as black, gray and so on the possibility of using the material back. If the bulk purchase, the edge of each batch of color must be consistent, different batches of color chromatic aberration, the better the quality.
In addition, if it is kneading on the furniture of the edge bar, it is necessary to look at the back of the treatment agent coating. In general, transparent and white treatment agent for good, such as improper treatment of the back will lead to the sealing edge of the bond is low, easy to fall off later.
Then pick up the PVC edge bar, smell there is no taste. The general quality of good raw materials produced by the edge of the strip taste very small almost no. If the edge of the bar is too large, it means that the quality of raw materials used in production is relatively poor.
Finally picked up a PVC edge banding (generally to their own product quality has enough confidence merchants will allow), the more not easy to break the quality of the better, at this time because of the addition of calcium carbonate, so the seal of the standard toughness and strength are relatively good.
High-quality PVC edge banding surface smooth, no bubbles, no stretch pattern, gloss moderate, surface and back flat, uniform thickness, high elasticity, wear resistance, is a good helper to protect the furniture.