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The main reason for the degumming of PVC edge banding
- Jan 15, 2018 -

PVC Edge banding is processed by mixing, calendering, vacuum blister and other production processes. The use of PVC edge banding to complete the edge technology, to achieve trimming edge after the side color and surface color close, not white, gloss good, the overall color of the finished furniture and other functions. However, PVC Edge bar in the use of the degumming phenomenon, which affects the actual use of PVC edge banding effect. Here is a brief introduction of the main reasons for the poor adhesion of PVC edge banding.

The quality problem of PVC edge banding. PVC Edge strip in the processing of production standards is a good back adhesive. Like some inferior PVC sealing edge of the adhesive coating is too thin, in the gluing paste in the effect of natural bad.

Second, PVC edge banding Adhesive environment temperature problem. Edge Sealing machine temperature is insufficient, the choice of hot melts in the low-temperature environment under the loss of hot-melt bonding stability conditions, etc. are caused by PVC seal edge degumming reasons.

Third, the edge of the surface of the plate is uneven or the use of glue too thin, etc. will also affect the normal use of adhesive PVC sealing edge.

Therefore, to solve the problem of PVC edge banding, mainly control the quality of PVC edge banding, in the sealing edge to control the edge of the machine temperature, and the edge of the plate to be enough flat, the use of adhesive glue to be good, not too thin.