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The reason for the fading and aging of pvc edge banding
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. During the transportation or storage of PVC edge banding, the container temperature will be as high as 75 °C, which will also cause the color change of PVC material. In particular, the cycle lasts for more than one month or even two months, which requires the manufacturer of the seal label to strengthen the control of temperature conditions, so remember that the edge strip should not be exposed.

2. Due to quality reasons, some manufacturers in the market often cut corners in processing and production in order to save costs, resulting in the lack of PVC edge banding in the treatment of anti-aging ingredients. However, every production link of PVC edge banding is closely related to the quality of its finished products, such as substrate toners which have an important influence on discoloration and aging, printing inks, etc., and insufficient use of these processing ingredients may lead to edge banding. A series of problems such as fading and aging are prone to occur during use in the future.

3. PVC edge banding in the process of use is not in place due to maintenance, it may also lead to the above problems. The operating environment exposed to high light and high temperature is an environment that is easy to age and discolor. When the PVC edge seal is at a lower temperature (between 20 ° C and 40 ° C), the temperature change has no effect on the photo-aging of the PVC edge seal; when it is at a higher temperature (60 ° C ~ 80 ° C), the temperature is PVC edge sealing has a certain effect on light aging, especially white and light PVC materials.

With the development of home decoration, the application of PVC edge banding is more and more extensive. The high quality PVC edge banding products have bright color and corrosion resistance, and can ensure that they are not easy to fade or age through proper transportation and maintenance methods.