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What matters should be paid attention to when using PVC furniture edge Banding
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Furniture banding is the section of the furniture sheet protection, decoration, landscaping materials, it can make a piece of furniture to show clear wood grain, colorful overall effect, so the PVC furniture edge Bar is widely used in people's lives. Then in the use of PVC furniture edge banding should pay attention to what matters?
First, do not put the PVC furniture edge in the sun exposure, also bogey put in too dry place, to prevent wood cracking deformation.
Second, do not put the PVC furniture edge Bar in a very humid place, so as to avoid the wet expansion of wood, long easy to rot, the drawer will not pull open.
Third, do not in the handling of PVC furniture edge banding using hard to drag the way, should be lightly put in place, should be placed to stabilize, if the ground is uneven, to the legs to prevent damage to the mortise structure.
Four, do not in the wardrobe, such as PVC furniture sealing edge of the top pressure, so as to avoid the door protruding, door shut not strict, clothing also avoid stacking too much, bogey door, to prevent cabinet door deformation.
Five, do not rinse with water or use is a cloth wipe plywood made of PVC furniture edge bar, should not be placed in the alkali water immersion, to prevent splint loose glue or degumming.

In addition for everyone PU two points of knowledge:
One, sealing edge hot melts according to the different base material can be divided into three categories:
1, EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin) Hot Melt Adhesives This hot melts can be divided into filler and no filler two types. The use of Eva as the base material is the most common sealing edge hot melt adhesive production technology, but the limitation is poor heat resistance. The use of Eva Hot melt adhesive Edge panel furniture can not be higher than the ambient temperature 120°c;
2, POL yamide (polyamide) base material Hot melt adhesive, this kind of hot melt adhesive has the very good heat resistance and the quick cure characteristic main disadvantage is the price is expensive.
3, Hmpu (polyurethane) base Hot melt Adhesive, it is the best performance of a class of hot melt adhesive, high quality plate sealing edge guarantee. But the price is expensive and requires a special method of use.

Second, the trimming knife can be accurate to the edge of the bar to build the ideal line benefits from the edge of the trimming knife side of the level and vertical ruler. If they cannot cling to the moving plates, they will not be able to build the proper lines.
The solution is to send a long and flat plate into the edge-banding machine (be careful not to glue it), when the plate moves to be able to cover polishing, scraping edge, fine repair, rough repair This position will be the conveyor belt to stop, to the plate as the benchmark, the above mentioned horizontal and vertical datum to the plate, the tool cutting edge near the edges of the plate, Wait for the back to fine-tune until the desired effect appears.
Furniture Edge Bar is just a small piece of furniture, but if you can do the day-to-day maintenance work, I believe it is not difficult to maintain the beauty of the furniture and prolong the service life.