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Acrylic Edge Banding Application
- Sep 21, 2018 -

In recent years, with the construction of hotels, hotels and high-end residential buildings in major cities, China's architectural lighting bodies have developed rapidly. The illuminating bodies made of plexiglass acrylic (acrylic) extruded sheets have high overall structural strength and light weight. The special advantages of high light transmittance and high safety performance are superior to those of inorganic glass.
At present, the United States and Japan have made mandatory provisions in the law, and glass for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens must use plexiglass acrylic. With the further improvement of the law, China will also vigorously promote the application of acrylic. At the same time, the pace of urban construction has been accelerated throughout the country. Street signs, advertising light boxes and telephone booths have appeared in large numbers, and a considerable part of the materials used are plexiglass acrylic materials.
In the sanitary ware and the edge banding of the cabinet, the plexiglass acrylic bathtub has been widely used in recent years due to its luxurious appearance, deep sense, easy cleaning, high strength, light weight and comfortable use. The use of acrylic materials for the production of edge bands for cabinets and furniture is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.
Acrylic edge banding is extruded by acrylic, with high transparency and good toughness. With the improvement of China's building regulations, acrylic materials will be more widely used.