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Characteristics And Processing Technology Of PVC Edge Banding
- Jan 15, 2018 -

The main function of the edge banding is to seal the section of the plate, to avoid the environment and the use of the adverse factors (mainly moisture) on the damage to the plate and prevent the formaldehyde volatile inside the plate, while achieving decorative aesthetic effect. PVC Edge Banding is mainly used for plate-type furniture edge treatment, the main raw material is polyvinyl chloride, compared to ABS edge, PVC Edge bar, the price benefits, sealing edge effect is good, compared with melamine edge, PVC edge Bar is rugged and durable, not easy to deformation and damage. The following is to understand the characteristics of PVC edge banding and processing technology.

Now on the market of PVC edge clauses, there are T-type, D-type, F-type and glass folder, doors and Windows edge banding, stationery package edge, protection and collision bars and so on, exquisite workmanship, with wear-resistant, good gloss, bending is not easy white, good toughness and so on. Can also be based on customer different use of the environment and special requirements to determine whether the special-shaped edge banding is environmentally friendly, anti-UV, anti-static, temperature and cold resistance and other functions.

PVC Edge Strip product production process through the route, that is, from the raw materials into the production site, through processing, transportation, assembly, inspection and other production lines of the formation of the line of activity. PVC Edge Banding Narrow line is organized according to the principle of object, a production organization which completes the process of product, that is, according to the principle of product specialization, is equipped with all kinds of equipment required for producing a certain product and workers of various trades, and is responsible for completing all the manufacturing work of a certain product and processing the same object for different processes.

The main reason for the aging of PVC edge banding is that the light aging period of PVC edge banding is longer under the condition of natural climate exposure. Therefore, in order to quickly evaluate and predict the aging performance of PVC materials, it is necessary to establish artificial accelerated ultraviolet light aging simulation experiment system, in order to facilitate in a relatively short period of time to obtain experimental results, The theoretical basis and basic data are provided for evaluating and predicting the ageing resistance of PVC edge strips.

PVC Edge Banding is currently the most widely used furniture edge bars, according to different use of the environment and special needs to create a specific performance of the edge banding.