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Comparison Of Two Kinds Of Production Technology Of PVC Edge Banding
- Jan 15, 2018 -

PVC Edge Strip high quality and low price, will not rot rust, and easy to process production, according to production requirements to produce a variety of shapes. Here is a brief introduction to the two advantages of PVC edge banding.

Comparison of process characteristics
PVC Edge-Banding production mainly has two kinds of preparation technology, one is calcium carbide method, the main production of raw materials is calcium carbide, coal and salt.
In the preparation of PVC in the calcium carbide method, salt electrolysis of hydrogen chloride for the production of PVC, the remaining sodium part of the production of caustic soda, so, chlorine, alkali in fact there is symbiotic relationship, chlor-alkali balance is also the whole industry development process has to consider the important factors.
According to the 2007 data, the current domestic market by the rich coal, lean, less gas resources endowment limit, mainly by the calcium carbide method mainly.
The other is the ethylene method, the main raw material is oil. The production of PVC in the international market mainly depends on the ethylene method.

Ii. Cost Analysis
From the angle of production cost, the cost difference between the two processes in different economic development cycle is great. The cost composition of calcium carbide method is mainly composed of calcium carbide cost, hydrogen chloride cost and water and electricity. Ethylene consumption, chlorine consumption, power consumption, processing auxiliaries, management labor cost are the main factors of the cost of the Olefin method.
Under normal circumstances, in the international macro-economic development stage, because of higher oil prices, the production cost of ethylene method is higher, the cost advantage of calcium carbide method is obvious; Once the international economy enters a recession, the oil price will run at a low level, because of the higher energy consumption, the coal oil transportation and so on
Since 2003, the international oil price has risen sharply, so that the cost of ethylene PVC method increases, and the production cost of calcium carbide method is less, domestic vigorously promote the construction of PVC production of calcium carbide method, so that the production of calcium carbide method of the rapid expansion of PVC capacity, compression of vinyl PVC edge strips, many ethylene However, since May 2008, the price of crude oil continued to decline, the cost advantage of the ethylene method is obvious, calcium carbide method manufacturers operating meager profit, or even unsustainable.