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Discussion On Quality Identification Of PVC Edge Banding
- Jan 15, 2018 -

With the improvement of living standards, China's furniture industry booming, furniture-related accessories industry is also a concern, such as PVC edge banding. The main function of the edge banding is to seal the plate section, to avoid the environment and the use of unfavorable factors (mainly moisture) on the damage to the plate, to prevent the internal formaldehyde volatile, at the same time to achieve decorative effects. At present, mainly used in high-grade furniture, kitchenware, bedroom suites, Office series. The quality of the edge banding is critical to the overall quality of the furniture. How to identify the quality of PVC edge banding is qualified, we can start from the following points.

The content of calcium carbonate powder (commonly known as lime powder) in the edge banding

General PVC Edge Bar will contain calcium carbonate powder, but the content of calcium carbonate is too high will make the structure of PVC loose, which seriously affect the quality of PVC edge banding. The problems arising from the high content of calcium carbonate powder are:

1, folding white, that is, in the edge of the bar for small curved edge, in the play side will appear white phenomenon, and this pan-white will not be closed by the edge of the extension after the restoration.

2, jumping edge, not only in the edge trimming to create a jump mouth.

3. Trimming edges and edging edge gloss is poor, so the appearance effect will be poor.

4. Cracking, due to the high content of calcium carbonate, resulting in no toughness, the internal structure of loose, slightly under the external force will crack, especially in the lower temperature transport.

Discussion on quality identification of PVC edge banding

Second, back glue (bridging agent)

PVC can not be very good directly bonded on board, gum (in fact, not glue, but play the role of the middle bridge, so also known as bridging agent) quality, directly affect the bonding effect. Especially when the weather is cold, the workshop temperature is relatively low, hot melts and back adhesive efficiency greatly reduced, this is the furniture manufacturers often blame the quality of the Edge bar. The best way is to replace the viscosity and purity are relatively high temperature hot melt adhesive, improve the working temperature of hot melt adhesive, improve room temperature, preheat edge strips (quality to ensure).

Three, the edge of the bar itself Radian

In order to prevent the loss of glue, the good banding bar should have a little inner bend in its width direction. The inferior edge banding is flat or even reversed, so it is easy to have bad adhesion.

At present, the inferior edge banding in the market to reduce costs, of which calcium carbonate powder content of up to 60%, as for the same brand of different equivalent products are mainly their calcium carbonate content.

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