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Happy Teacher's Day
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Teacher's Day aims to affirm the contribution of teachers to the cause of education. In the modern and contemporary Chinese history, many different dates have been used as Teacher's Day. Until 1985, the ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress passed the State Council's motion on the establishment of the Teacher's Day, and it was finally confirmed that September 10, 1985 was China's first Teacher's Day.

Since  Teacher's Day is not a traditional Chinese festival, there are  different celebrations every year, and there is no unified or fixed  form.
In  the government and schools, there are teachers' day celebrations and  commendation conferences, awards and certificates for teachers,  organized school students, song and dance troupes, etc., and song and  dance performances for teachers [9]; there are visits and condolences to  teachers representatives , and Organize new teachers to conduct collective oaths and other activities.
On  the part of students, they spontaneously participate in the  publications, greeting cards, and paintings through their original  participation; they will show their photos and activities to their  personal space and on Weibo to express their sincere wishes and sincere  greetings to teachers.
On  the day of the Teacher's Day (Teacher's Day), Hong Kong will hold a  ceremony to commend outstanding teachers, and will also print a unified  greeting card. Students can receive it for free and then fill it out and  give it to the teacher. Small  gifts such as cards, flowers, and dolls are usually the most common  gifts for Hong Kong students to express their teachers' day blessings. The  Hong Kong Mentoring Sports Committee held the "Teacher's Day  Celebration and Commendation Presentation Ceremony" on September 10th  each year. The ceremony was performed by the student band as a live  accompaniment. The parents sang in the form of a thank-you and respect  to the teacher. Play a touching story video between teachers and students, reflecting the teacher's life. In  addition, the Teachers' Association also organises "Recruiting Teacher  Program", "Teaching Students and Nursery" Planting Activities, Essay  Competition, Heart Card Design Competition, Hong Kong School Music and  Reading Festival Cup!