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How To Distinguish The Quality Of PVC Edge Banding
- Sep 21, 2018 -

1. Look at the hue and surface roughness of the edge band. The color of the surface of the good edge band is also very important. Whether the color is close to the customized product is gorgeous. If the surface is very rough, there is a trace, and the quality is definitely not good. This is the surface quality problem of the edge strip. It has little to do with the quality of the inner material of the edge banding, mainly the production technology of the edge banding factory and the production technology skills of the employees. A good edge banding is: the surface must be smooth, no blistering or blistering, no draping or little draping, moderate gloss, not too bright or too matte (unless otherwise specified).
2, look at the surface of the edge strip and the flatness of the bottom surface, whether the thick Pu is uniform, otherwise it will lead to the joint of the edge strip and the sheet, the glue line is too eye-catching or the gap between the sheet and the edge strip is too big to affect the overall beauty. The details determine success or failure, often with a small detail problem, which may lead to an awkward situation with poor overall results.
3. Whether the edge trimming is whitish, whether the surface of the bent edge strip is blunt, and whether the undercut of the edge strip is close to the surface color of the hard sheet. PVC edge banding is mainly made of PVC and calcium carbonate plus additives. If the calcium carbonate content is too high, the phenomenon of whitening, whitening and whitening will occur, which proves that the quality of such products is not good.
4. Whether the strength is ok or not, the high strength means good wear resistance, the corresponding quality is better, and the strength is too high, which means the processing difficulty is increased. If the elasticity is not high, it means that the wear resistance is not high and the anti-aging ability is low. In addition to the actual production needs, it is generally necessary to manually trim the edges, and soft points can be made appropriately. The automatic edge banding machine can be used as a hard point.
5. Whether the adhesive is evenly distributed and whether it is easy to fall off during use.
6. Smell the smell of PVC edge banding. The products produced with good quality raw materials generally have a small taste. If the taste is too big, it means that the quality of raw materials used in production is relatively poor.