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Introduction Of Common Edge Treatment Process
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Solid wood furniture Edge sealing work is particularly important, this not only on the overall beauty of the furniture plays an important role, and the edge-banding process is a direct reflection of the quality of the furniture, the edge of the treatment process is not good, the use of easy to touch the bad corners, resulting in the surface layer or peeling, even can lead to damage to the plate. The following is a brief introduction to the common methods of edge treatment process.

Edge treatment process is an important process. Side treatment methods include finishing method, Edge banding method, wrapping method and Edge method.
1. Finishing method
On the side of the parts with paint finishing, closed, that is, first with putty fill, and then apply primer and paint. The type and color of the paint should be selected according to the plane decoration of the parts.
2. Edge Banding method
The edge-banding method is a veneer, impregnated paper laminated strips, plastic film will be part of the side seal up, It can also be pasted with a thin strip. The sealing process has manual operation and mechanical seal. Adhesives from bone glue, leather gum developed to the current commonly used synthetic resin gum, hot sol and poly copolymer resin. Hot stamping edge by hand ironing development to the current resistance heating, low voltage electrothermal, high-frequency heating and hot sol sealing. Edge-Sealing process: Part side coating-adhesive edge material-adhesives curing-Finishing .
3. Banding method
The banding method is coated with wood strips, plastic strips or metal materials on the side of the part, and is wrapped around the parts by gluing and grooves.
4. Wrapping method
The method of wrapping is to use the veneer material larger than the plate member plane, paste the plane and then bend to the side side, and seal the side side, this method is often used in particleboard, MDF parts.
The method of edge banding is widely used in modern panel furniture, and the methods used in this paper are straight edge sealing and special-shaped sealing edge (soft forming edge). One of the most common is a straight edge. The edge-sealing material used as a substrate as long as it conforms to: strip or coil, with the surface can be pasted, woodworking tools can be used for trimming or milling processing can be used. such as wood, paper, plastic, fiber texture and some composite materials. Commonly used in wood, veneer, with backing of the single plate continuous tape and PVC tape and so on.