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Introduction Of Edge-sealing Process For Plate Furniture
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Edge is an important part of the production and processing of panel furniture, how the quality of edge-banding affects the service life of panel furniture, formaldehyde and other toxic substances, and directly reflects the quality of panel furniture. below to introduce the plate furniture edge process.

Panel furniture is a variety of wood-based panels as plate parts, with the help of metal joints, such as the assembly of mortise furniture. The edge treatment of plate parts is a crucial link in the production process of panel furniture, which directly influences the appearance and quality of panel furniture. Edge of the plate is the most commonly used method of processing, not only to increase the visual beauty of furniture, to achieve the combination of functional and artistic, but also protect the substrate from environmental humidity, temperature and external forces, improve the service life of furniture.

The quality problem of the sealing edge of plate parts is mainly the cutting of the glue seam and the edge banding. The adhesive strength of the edge banding, the size of the adhesive seam and the amount of residual glue, the most common quality problems of the glue seam, the cutting quality of the end crack, the cut and face loss of edge banding are common.

Typical sealing process flow is as follows: Spraying anti-adhesive agent → Zibeng cutting → workpiece preheating → coating → pressure sealing edge → Edge cutting → before and after truncation → up and down rough repair → up and down fine repair → tracking repair → scraping repair → shovel glue layer → cloth wheel polishing → quality inspection.

Spraying anti-adhesive device and Zibeng cutting, shovel glue layer device, can adjust the position and dosage according to workpiece thickness and feed speed.

Plate parts of the cutting, more use of push-table saws or electronic open material saws. Usually the cutting machine is equipped with 2 circular saw blades.

The coating device is generally composed of a plastic box, a heater and a rubber roller. The heater melts the granular hot sol in the plastic box, and then the hot solution glue is coated on the edge or edge of the workpiece.

A new type of edge banding machine adopts automatic quantitative feeding heating and gluing device.

In general, plate parts after the pressure edge, edge banding in the workpiece before and after the margin of 20mm or so, need 2 saw blade truncated edge bar.

Trimming is divided into coarse repair, fine repair, tracking rounded corner repair and scraping 4 processes, different edge-banding machines, the working principle and control of the different side of the device.

For furniture cabinets, partitions and other components, due to the use of thin edge bar (generally 0.4mm), the upper and lower roughing milling cutter can directly seal edge strip processing to the blade processing quantity, eliminates the top and bottom refinement; furniture door panels, panels and other parts of the use of thick edge (generally 3mm), the edge of 2 or 3mm rounded corners, the upper and lower after the rough repair must be refined.

Therefore, the strict standardization of the edge sealing process is the guarantee of edge quality. In the production and processing, plate parts sealing edge of each link will lead to quality problems, reminding the operators must be skilled operation, high standards to complete the edge process.