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The First Round Of The Sino-US Trade War This Year
- Aug 24, 2018 -


Although the Chinese and American delegations conducted trade consultations in the United States, the US still imposed a 25% tariff on the US$16 billion imported from China at 12 noon yesterday (23:00 U.S. time). It also imposes punitive tariffs on the same scale for the United States. The outside world expects that talking and talking will become an interactive mode between China and the United States for some time to come.
The second wave of tariffs started at the time of Sino-US negotiations
Sino-US consultation or framework for further negotiations

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the United States imposed tariffs on Chinese imports worth US$16 billion at noon yesterday, partly related to semiconductors and “Made in China 2025” related commodities. This action is the second wave of the US wave to impose tariffs on China’s $50 billion worth of imported goods. The first phase of the US’s first wave of 25% tariffs on China’s $34 billion in goods began on July 6th. It also triggered China to pay tribute to tariff sanctions of the same scale. The three rounds of consultations between the two sides were also invalidated.

After the US imposed tax increases yesterday, China immediately imposed the same scale of punitive tariffs on the United States at 12:01. A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce stressed that the US is willing to go it alone and impose a 25% tariff on the $16 billion imported from China under the "301 Survey", which is clearly suspected of violating the WTO rules. The Chinese side resolutely opposes and has to continue to make the necessary counterattacks.

After the Chinese side retaliated against the US tax, the global focus turned to the subsequent war and action of the US. The first is the second wave of the United States, which has a larger scale of taxation on China’s $200 billion in imported goods, and raised the tax rate from the original 10% to 25%.

The US announced the second wave of tariffs on July 10, or will levy in late September. The US Trade Representative Office (USTR) will hold a total of 6 days of public hearings on the 21st of this month.

However, because this list involves a large amount of money and includes many consumer goods in the scope of taxation, it has been nicknamed by the industry as "from candle to coffin." Even if it can hit China, it will also have an impact on the United States. The positive and negative opinions are not consistent.