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Precautions For Use Of Edge-sealing Hot Melt Adhesives
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Sealing Edge Hot Melt adhesive is used as a kind of thermoplastic adhesive for the edge of furniture plate, which has wide application and is suitable for bonding all kinds of materials. Here is a brief introduction to the edge of the hot melt adhesive need to pay attention to where.

1 Temperature of Edge

Because the sealing edge Hot melt adhesive performance is affected by the temperature, so in the process of sealing the temperature is a very important indicator. In the edge of the hot melt adhesive temperature, substrate temperature, edge material temperature and work environment (Edge Machine Workshop) temperature is very important edge parameters.

2 Edge Glue Line Treatment

The rubber line between the plate and the edge band will have a bad effect on the appearance of the panel furniture. The coating volume of the General Assembly so that the glue line obviously conversely will reduce the edge strength.

3 Requirements for substrates and edge sealing materials for Hot Melt Adhesives:

(1) Oil-rich base material sealing edge more difficult oily substances will reduce the affinity between the plate and the adhesive time will make the bonding strength greatly reduced the edge off;

(2) Generally speaking, the temperature of the plate and the edge-sealing material should be kept at room temperature to ensure the sealing edge quality.

(3) The moisture content of the sheet and veneer can not exceed 12%, so that the heat-melt adhesive can be cured and the wetting performance decreased so as to reduce the bonding strength;

(4) Fire board as the edge of the material as a result of its back often there is not conducive to the adhesion of residual materials, so the fire board to the back of the edge with adhesive or suitable solvent treatment side can get good edge sealing effect;

(5) Some PVC edge banding because of its bad back coating treatment often caused difficulties.

4 Edge Machine Maintenance on the use of hot melt adhesive matters needing attention

(1) Edge-banding machine in the process of not working to the temperature of the plastic can be reduced to 150°c on the one hand to avoid hot melt adhesive for a long time at the use of temperature to produce charring to keep the plastic tank clean will not cause the glue system Plug and reduce heating performance; On the other hand, when you re working, you can quickly warm up the plastic cans to the operating temperature. In addition, the plastic tank must be kept more than 2/3 of the glue otherwise will make the plastic cans around the black carbonized material;

(2) to regularly clean the plastic cans and cots plastic cans around too much charring and cots residue will reduce the heating system and the performance of the glue system;

(3) If the residual glue in the plastic can be removed in the sealing machine before the end of the work when the glue is still in the melting state of a T-shaped material into the glue the medium glue is completely cooled and then reheated because the bottom of the plastic tank and the surrounding glue are heated and melted, then the most residual glue can be removed by T-shaped material. The remaining glue is then cleaned with a mixture of toluene and methylene chloride 1:1.

The effect of the sealing hot melt adhesive is affected by the temperature, the treatment of the edge-banding, the material of the base material and the sealing edge, and the related factors of the maintenance of the edge-sealing machine. Therefore, the operators in the process of production operations need to control the processing of various factors.