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Quality Inspection Method Of PVC Edge Banding Strips
- Jan 15, 2018 -

PVC, the main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride, PVC resin as the main raw material, add appropriate anti-aging agent, stabilizer, calcium carbonate, CPE, dyeing agent, epoxy soybean oil, modifier, etc., by mixing, calendering, and so on material. Can be divided into soft PVC and hard material PVC. PVC Edge strips are PVC as the main raw materials, add plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, dyes and other additives, a mix of calendering and rolling into a thermoplastic coil. PVC Edge Bar with the quality of light, high quality and low price, will not rot will not rust and other advantages.

Test method
㈠ appearance Quality
1, each batch of PVC edge bar color and the main color swatch block color consistent with the same batch of color requirements.
2, in natural light inspection, sealing edge of the surface should be no wire drawing, no foaming, no bump point, no scratches, no spots, no differences in the lines, no bending marks, no stains, black spots and so on.
3, the surface of the smooth scratch-resistant, printing texture attached firmly, no shedding phenomenon;
4, the back of the hot-melt adhesive firmly adhered to, even, the same winding edge can not exceed two joints;

㈡ Visual and Touch inspection
1, the appearance size deviation requirements width ≤+0.2㎜ thickness ≤+0.1㎜
Size requirements for each piece of banding are positive deviations with vernier caliper measurements
2, packaging quality requirements of the application of cardboard carton packaging, each volume of the edge of the paper with cardboard or plastic film separated, each case should be a certificate of products, factory name, product name, quantity, specifications, trademarks, manufacturing date, batch number and other signs;
3. Testing machine has toughness, no drum, off angle, deformation phenomenon in accordance with technical requirements of testing machine

II. Inspection Rules
1, on the edge of the sample inspection, the requirements of the product appearance quality, size and physical and chemical properties and test results are in line with, can be awarded as qualified products.
2, in the use of PVC edge banding found to meet the quality requirements of the situation, should be recorded as unqualified products, record.
Therefore, to control the quality of PVC edge banding, the need to strictly control the PVC edge of the production process, strict quality inspection procedures, the production of high-quality products of the United States.