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Sealing Edge Processing Requirements
- Jan 15, 2018 -

"General technical conditions of wood furniture" (gb/t3324-200) pointed out that the non-junction surface of wood-based panel components should be sealed edge or finishing treatment. The following is to analyze the specific requirements of edge processing.

Why should the man-made plate be sealed and treated?
1, prevent formaldehyde volatilization. The Edge-banding and finishing can seal the inner free formaldehyde in the plate and reduce the release amount.
2, prevent the artificial plate moisture absorption damp. When the artificial plate used in the bathroom, kitchen and other humidity is relatively large space, the edge quality is particularly important.

In that case, the quality of the edge of the plate to affect the final release of formaldehyde?
Experts said that the standard of the quality of wood-based panel parts, sealing edge, wrapping should not appear degumming, bubbling, cracking phenomenon. The sealing or finishing treatment of the non junction surface is the compliance. At the same time, different sealing edges on the formaldehyde release of man-made plates and the role of preventing moisture is basically the same, consumers do not need to worry about here. In daily life, we often encounter man-made plate furniture edge cocked, peeling, and so on, here also remind you, for the furniture service life and aesthetics should be repaired in time.

In addition, the non-junction surface edge or finishing provisions only for man-made plate furniture and furniture man-made plate parts, no such requirements on solid wood furniture. Sealing edge processing must comply with the relevant requirements, do a good job of sealing quality of man-made plates.