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The Correct Way To Use PVC Edge Banding
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The correct way to use PVC edge banding:

  1. The best use temperature is 170-210. The lower limit of hot melt  adhesive temperature is used in the summer and the hot melt adhesive  temperature is used in winter. The operating temperature can also be appropriately adjusted according to the indoor temperature.

  2. Under normal circumstances, the higher the temperature, the better the bonding strength. It  is recommended to use medium and high temperature hot melt adhesive as  much as possible to achieve the best edge sealing effect.

  3. Manual edge banding machine or semi-automatic edge banding machine,  because it can not be polished, it is recommended to manually polish to  ensure the effect of trimming.

  4.  During the  process of use, if the glue line is too thick or there is overflowing,  the speed of the edge banding machine and the hot melt temperature need  to be adjusted.

  5. If the surface of the edge  strip is easily scratched by the equipment during the edge sealing  process, the surface of the edge strip is not properly treated and is  unqualified.

  6. In the process of using the  edge banding, if there is no sealing phenomenon, please check whether  the indoor temperature and hot melt temperature are correct (to a  temperature of not less than 18 degrees) or the edge banding machine is  too slow.