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The Domestic PVC Market Atmosphere Is General
- Sep 11, 2018 -


As  of 15:00 on September 10, the China Plastics Price Index was 1041.43,  up 3.7 from the previous trading day; the China Plastics Spot Index was  1097.47, up 0.75 from the previous trading day.

The  US dollar exchange rate strengthened, the US stock market fell to  suppress WTI, geopolitical tension supported Brent, and international  oil prices fluctuated. On  Friday (September 7th), the New York Mercantile Exchange West Texas  Light Oil futures settlement price in October 2018 was $67.75 per  barrel, down $0.02 from the previous trading day, a decrease of 0.0%,  trading range of 66.86-68.08 US dollars; London Intercontinental  Brent crude oil futures settlement price in November 2018 was 76.83 US  dollars per barrel, up 0.33 US dollars over the previous trading day, or  0.4%, trading range of 75.88-76.99 US dollars. SC in recent months 1810 fell 0.8 reported 500.9 yuan / barrel, SC main force 1812 fell 3.7 reported 517.2 yuan / barrel.

The domestic PVC market has a general atmosphere, and the upstream factories are temporarily on the sidelines.

The  PVC market performed steadily, the futures fluctuated within a narrow  range, and the spot trading was not warm. The mainstream prices  fluctuated little, and a few prices rose slightly. Merchants maintain a wait-and-see mood, with little or no adjustment in the short term. The  fundamentals of the spot have not changed much, and the social  inventory is still at a low level. However, the upward momentum of PVC  futures is insufficient, and the market is still fluctuating within a  narrow range. Market participants are cautiously watching. The Zhejiang  Plastics Market expects that the PVC market will be mainly organized.