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The Foreground Of The Furniture Edge Band
- Sep 21, 2018 -

The amount of use in the future will definitely be great, because the use of melamine plates in furniture is now very much. The ready-made plates need only be cut off and sealed, and the holes are OK. Compared with paints, stickers are more trouble-free. And the taste is small! If the local furniture manufacturers are more likely to sell more, it will be relatively easy to sell, and vice versa.

Entering the 21st century, there are many new development trends. The demand for various decorative decorative paper edge strips is on the rise. At the same time, various heat-resistant, water-resistant and durable thin thermoplastic edge strips are also widely used in various kitchen furniture, office furniture and bathroom furniture. As the curved workbench became more and more popular in the market, the post-formed edge of the kitchen countertop was gradually obsolete, and various heavy-duty edge seals were quietly replaced.
In addition to a variety of monochrome edge banding, a variety of decorative wood grain paper and decorative patterns of decorative veneer edge strips are becoming more and more popular. Today, furniture manufacturers are increasingly using a variety of wood grain and colorful decorative veneer materials to add a "personalized" flavor.
The widely used edge banding strips are PVC, ABS, PP, and the like. PVC is a widely used edge banding. Its main advantages are good extrusion performance, printing and painting, and a long history of use. This material is economical, but PVC will release harmful gases to pollute the environment when burned.
ABS is a new material that comes with environmental protection. ABS edge strips and PVC edge strips are easily eroded by thinners and solvents and are difficult to paint after gluing. PP is the latest achievement of edge banding, with good prospects and resistance
The chemical corrosion performance is good, the shrinkage coefficient is small, but the extrusion is difficult. PP coloring performance is better than ABS, and it is a safe and environmentally friendly material. PP is softer than PVC, making it difficult to cut the edge. The use of ABS and PP promotes environmental protection.
At present, in China, the wood grain decorative edge banding is particularly popular, and the wood grain edge bandings such as beech, cherry, apple, and maple are widely popular. Dark wood grain has entered thousands of households, forming a distinctive feature of the 21st century. A variety of so-called stone decorative patterns, dotted with dots of colored dots on a basically white or gray background, is currently the most popular decorative pattern. While the various colors mentioned above and some of the red, blue and rhubarb are current "fashionable" colors, white, black and grey are still the best-selling in monochrome. It is expected that in the future, various metal veneer edge strips, especially steel veneers and aluminum veneers, will be welcomed. 1 thin thermoplastic edge banding is more and more widely used
Among the various kitchen furniture, office furniture and bathroom furniture, thermoplastic edge banding with a thickness of 0.8 -1.Smm is popular, a trend that emerged in 1999, especially in kitchen furniture. In recent years, these thin edge bandings have been improved, and more refined high-grade veneers have appeared. There are no obvious right-angled seams, no visible black cutting lines, and the impact resistance performance is also improved. Reduced damage.
Various thin thermoplastic edge bands have many advantages in the furniture production process. The glue of these edge strips is not difficult, and the adhesive speed is faster than the sealing of melamine formaldehyde resin. In addition, the performance of various thin thermoplastic edge strips can withstand the test during the transportation and use of furniture. These materials are solid, strong, water-resistant and durable, allowing the ultimate user to assemble well, especially because of their impact resistance, which makes the furniture not easily damaged. In addition, the smooth, homogeneous edge banding surface prevents dirt and dirt from penetrating into the furniture, thus ensuring the quality of the furniture for a long time.