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The Role Of PVC Edge Banding In Life
- Sep 09, 2018 -


There  are many functions of the supporting edge of the furniture edge  banding, such as moisture proof, anti-corrosion and protection of  furniture, but there are very few people who really pay attention to  this aspect. With  the change of consumer attitudes of furniture consumers, the role of  environmental protection, appearance, durability, protection and other  edge banding will become the focus of end consumers. At that time,  high-quality edge banding will become the classic supporting role of  custom furniture. The following PVC edge banding manufacturers Xiaobian introduce the main role of the edge banding.

PVC edge banding

First, protect furniture

The  furniture edge band can seal the section of the board to protect the  board from the environmental and the unfavorable factors in the use  process, and to protect and beautify the furniture.

Second, corrosion protection

In  addition to preventing chronic poisoning of formaldehyde, the edge  banding is also a good anti-corrosion protection for furniture products  for home health and safety.

Yijia  edge strips have excellent mechanical properties of toughness, hardness  and steel phase balance. Using the most widely used polymers, they not  only excel in gloss, electrical properties, formability and impact  resistance, but also in oil resistance and resistance. Very good in terms of dirt and chemical resistance. Occasionally  coffee dumping, sudden alcohol spills, do not have to worry, can ensure  that the surface of the object does not leave any traces. Because  it has a fairly stable color structure, even after a long period of  use, it will not yellow, fade, etc., compared with the ordinary  manufacturers edge banding has an advancement across the ages.

Third, the protection of formaldehyde threats

The  furniture edge band can also prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde  inside the plate, which plays an important protective role for the  health and safety problems faced in our daily life. Formaldehyde is a safety number one threat when building renovations. Formaldehyde is irritating, can cause discomfort, can cause throat discomfort, chest tightness, wheezing and dermatitis. Too high formaldehyde is likely to cause acute poisoning and must be sent to hospital for treatment. However,  chronic formaldehyde poisoning is relatively difficult to detect, and  occasionally headaches, fatigue, and always like to sleep and lack of  energy. Although  not as prominent and rapid as acute poisoning, long-term exposure can  also cause significant damage to respiratory and liver function.

PVC edge banding

As  an integral part of the cabinets in the home, the edge banding seems to  be inconspicuous, but it also has these vital functions. Yijia hopes to  provide users with meticulous protection by focusing on the "supporting  role" products, so that everyone can be in nature. Living in a safe environment, truly making the supporting role a permanent classic.