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What Are The Main Technical Points To Ensure The Quality Of Edge Banding?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Edge banding is divided into PVC edge strips, furniture edge banding, abs edge strips. How the quality of the edge of the seal to some extent affected the furniture in the release of formaldehyde and other toxic substances, sealing edge of the quality of a lot of factors, including equipment status, operating proficiency, raw material status and so on to ensure the quality of the sealing edge of the main technical points.

1, solid wood sealing material moisture content not too high, should be stored in a cool and dry indoor, substrate requirements without dust, the best water content in buffers
2, because the sealing edge is very fast, the adhesive at low pressure to have a good dispersion and the permeability of the substrate, to have a good initial viscosity, in a short period of time under the pressure should be instantly glued, bond firmly. Use should pay attention to ensure that the temperature of hot melts in the normal temperature range, a long time too high temperature will make rubber points, low temperature hot melts can not achieve good liquidity, use to master the data provided by suppliers.
3, the processing of indoor temperature can not be too low, generally should be above 5°c, especially when the sealing edge with thick, soft toughness will be insufficient to ensure the normal operation of preheating device, if no preheating device can also use hair dryer heating and other methods to soften the edge banding, this method is especially suitable for curved edge. No draught in the processing workshop.
4, the quality of the edge banding effect of sealing edge, good quality sealing edge of the product close to the edge, the quality of the edge of the seal with the seal of the edge of the product sealing a larger gap, there is a clear black line. When the machine is trimmed, the backer is prone to scratch the surface. Thick edge banding from the section, the central part of the glued surface should be slightly more concave than the two sides, this sealing edge with sealing products close to the edge, the effect is good.
5, for the edge-banding machine for the use of milling device manufacturers, to be sealed edge of semi-finished products cutting quality also affects the edge-banding effect. General manufacturers to prevent the product explosion edge, cutting will be used when cutting saw (commonly known as small saw blade), the best effect after cutting should be the section can see small saw blade but felt but not feel. Small saw blade too deep sealing edge, sealing edge can see a black line can even see the gap, too shallow and explosive mouth.
6, with thick seal edge with edge, edge sealing machine roller tightness should be adjusted to the best position, the most easy to make the problem is too tight. Because the edge banding is slightly longer than the workpiece, when the pressure roller pressure seal side belt long out part of the edge of a vertical to the direction of the force, at this time because the glue is not fully cured, gluing strength is not high, the tail easy to loose and sticky.

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