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What Are The Preparation Of The Edge-banding Work?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

PVC edge of the terms of a wide range of furniture, T-type, D-type, F-type and glass folder, door and window banding, stationery package edge, protection and collision bars and so on, exquisite workmanship, with wear-resistant, good gloss, bending is not easy to white, good toughness and so on. Edge quality is an important part of the quality of the furniture, the following is to introduce you to the edge of the job preparation work.

Line edge closure, Curve edge job Preparation:
First, to be processed plate parts inspection:
1. Whether the specifications of the number of pieces of plate matching;
2. The size and surface quality of each specification meet the requirements;
3. Distinguish the sealing edges of each specification plate to determine the specification, color and quantity of the banding tape.

Second, the machine sets the swab:
1. The machine and the operating table clean, check the trimming, trimming, scraper, polishing and other systems are loose and so on abnormal phenomenon. If there is an exception must first be locked treatment, and then in the boot sequence to open the machine and vacuum system;
2. According to the workpiece length, adjust the position of the balance bar, according to the workpiece thickness, adjust the distance between the upper and lower conveyor belt, to ensure that the workpiece can be stabilized, and will not be too tight pressure damage to the workpiece surface;
3. Check whether the glue can be sufficient, clean, according to the roughness of the saw surface to adjust the amount of glue, coating requirements uniform, full (automatic sealing edge with high-temperature adhesive, hand-sealing with low-temperature adhesive);
4. Collect and install the banding tape according to the order request, adjust the cutter shape according to the thickness and drawing of the edge banding;
5. Check whether the pressure of the machine is above 6kgf, whether the plastic tank temperature is about 180 degrees (low temperature glue at 170 degrees).

The main factors that affect the quality of edge banding are equipment, materials, processing precision, edge sealing materials, adhesives and so on. In which the operator of the process of sealing the standard operation, in strict accordance with the work preparation and operation process construction, can make the edge of the workpiece to meet quality requirements, while improving production efficiency.